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Thailand Tourism

Why does Thailand attract more visitors/tourists than other Asian countries like Malaysia, Vietnam or Cambodia?

Thailand is a different league from the surrounding neighboring countries in terms of tourism whether for a short or long stay.

Just to convince you that I don’t assume and not because I am a Thai by saying that.

Every planeload of visitors from all corners of the globe coming to Thailand with different objectives.

The decades-old perception of sex tourism may exist but visitors are getting more sophisticated and drawn by many other attractions.

Such attractions may be common to travelers who go the neighboring countries but Thailand offers irresistible value for money with more excitement on a grander scale with more varieties, better attractions, and ultimately with Thai jumbo flavor.

Don’t get me wrong, brothers, I don’t brag about it.

Bangkok alone is enough to make any shopaholics go crazy, “ Nowhere beats the atmosphere of Bangkok’s Shopping Malls” Words from my son after his trip from KL’s Bukit Bintang. Jakarta’s impressive mega malls. Singapore’s Orchard Road, and Ho Chi Minh City’s Đồng Khởi Street.

Countless Shopping Malls along the BTS Sky train alone are enough for a shopaholic to spend a week or two indulging in.

What more? the world’s largest bazaar, Chatuchak market, and the Fashion mall- Platimum is ‘the girls’ best friends’ It far exceeds what anyone could ask for.

Quote: “Yaowarat is one of the oldest Chinese communities, internationally known as Bangkok's Chinatown, its history started in the late 17th century.”

Yaowarat is crazy, chaotic, and messy enough to make Jalan Petaling in KL look like an elementary school.

Thailand's hospitality including all beach resorts and wellness along with graceful treatment with a ‘wai’ and the rich culture and ‘the culture of strong femininity’ of Thai women make a hard man humble…How could pretty ladies with ‘hijab’ be able to win your heart?

“Amazing Thailand “ amazes visitors/tourists from countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, or Cambodia…and the world, and will continue to amaze anyone for a long time.

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