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Pattaya is the most vibrant, bustling, and rave city in Thailand. People who can’t imagine their vacation without noisy parties, extravagant show programs, and real adventures come here. However, besides endless parties, the resort has many other trump cards. During the day, Pattaya will offer tourists a lot of interesting entertainment, a warm sea, picturesque places, excursions, and authentic places, and at night it will put on bright neon lights and break into dance. The resort is an hour's drive from Bangkok and pleases with very affordable prices. Pattaya has collected everything that is needed for an active and lively holiday. Here you can delve into the local culture, explore the jungle, meet monkeys, try exotic food, and dance for years to come.

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Pattaya Beach Sightseeing

Beach Vacation and entertainment

Pattaya Information

a few hours drive from Bangkok about 90 KM Beach and Entertainment

Pattaya (Thai: พัทยา, RTGS: Phatthaya, pronounced [pʰát.tʰā.jāː]) is a city in Eastern Thailand, the second-largest city in Chonburi province and the eighth-largest city in Thailand. It is on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 100 kilometers (62 mi) southeast of Bangkok, and has a population of 328,961 as of 2021.

Pattaya City (Thai: เมืองพัทยา, RTGS: Mueang Phatthaya, pronounced [mɯ̄a̯ŋ pʰát.tʰā.jāː]) is a self-governing municipal area within, but not part of, Bang Lamung district and has a population of 119,532. It covers the tambon of Nong Prue and Na Klua and parts of Huai Yai and Nong Pla Lai. Although the municipal area is not part of Bang Lamung district, Pattaya City has grown into all adjacent sub-districts and accounts for the largest population percentage in the district, making it de facto a part of the "Pattaya-Bang Lamung-Jomtien" area, otherwise known as "Greater Pattaya". The city is in the industrial Eastern Seaboard zone, along with Si Racha, Laem Chabang, and Chonburi. Pattaya is at the center of the Pattaya-Chonburi Metropolitan Area (a conurbation in Chonburi Province with a population of 1,000,000), which forms the third largest metropolitan area in Thailand.

Pattaya Offers a Unique and Memorable Tourist Experience

Pattaya Offers a Unique and Memorable Tourist Experience Pattaya is a go-to travel destination for visitors from around the world. The popular coastal city in Thailand saw 8.1 million international overnight visitors in 2015, a 10 percent increase from the previous year. Pattaya, Thailand earned a place as one of the “Top 100 City Destination Cities” according to Euromonitor International’s annual survey. Ranking # 19 in the report, Pattaya has become a top vacation spot for international travelers, as well as a premier destination for local visitors. With so many things to do in Pattaya, it is no wonder the city is attracting such an impressive amount of visitors each year. There really is something for everyone in Pattaya.

Pattaya offers tropical weather and spectacular beaches stretching along the Gulf of Thailand. Once a small fishing village, Pattaya is now a world-renowned beach resort city. The plentiful beaches are not only for soaking up the sun or for taking a swim. For the more adventurous, Pattaya beaches offer a wide range of water sports and water-related activities for travelers. From jet skiing and water skiing to scuba diving and parasailing, visitors are guaranteed to have a memorable experience on the Pattaya beaches.

Spending time at the beach is far from the only thing to do in Pattaya during the day. The Thailand city offers a wide variety of land sports and activities, perfect for families and visitors of all ages. Pattaya also provides unique shopping experiences for tourists with a variety of boutiques and shops selling beautiful local and handmade items at fair prices. Visitors will also want to check out the beautiful and historic monuments and museums around and near the city.

The fun does not end in Pattaya when the sun goes down. The city offers a vibrant nightlife perfect for partygoers, as well as those looking to enjoy a great meal and live music. The well-known Beach Road and Soi Buakhao are also popular Pattaya nightlife spots. If visitors are looking for a more relaxed and subdued nightlife experience in Pattaya, Jomtien Beach is just the place. Providing a more quiet and peaceful atmosphere, Jomtien Beach has hundreds of restaurants to choose from along with several venues playing live western music.

People visiting Pattaya will surely not be disappointed, or bored, during their stay in the city. In addition to the vibrant beach and nightlife, as well as unique sightseeing and shopping, within Pattaya, many travelers take advantage of short excursions to the greater Pattaya area. This includes visiting the Sanctuary of Truth in Chon Buri Province, Sammuk Hill, and the island of Ko Si Chang, just to name a few. It is also a short bus or car trip from Bangkok to Pattaya, the national capital of Thailand.

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During the evening and for the rest of the night, thunderstorms and rainy weather are expected.

With a high probability, light precipitation is predicted for today. The lowest temperature will be a warm 25°C.

Sunrise was at 06:08 and sunset at 17:53; the daylight lasted for 11 hours and 45min.

Currently, there is rainfall.

The temperature is a warm 26°C, while the real-feel temperature, which combines relative humidity and air temperature, is appraised at a tropical 31°C. The current temperature is almost at the minimum expected 25°C for today.

What advice would I offer to a solo traveler to Pattaya?

Make use of your hotel room safe- only carry what you need for the night. Ditto watches jewelry, and your fancy phone. If you need to carry a phone keep it in a front pocket.

Most Thais are given half a chance a likable, friendly people. Proportional to the population a bigger % of arseholes live in Pattaya and for that matter the other tourist areas, as than you'd find living elsewhere. The Land of Smiles is also more difficult to find in Tourist areas.

It's hot here, the humidity is high and it makes you cranky. Big breaths, smile, try and see the funny side of misunderstandings. It's generally pretty much your fault- most Thais speak more English than you speak Thai. And drinks get forgotten, breakfasts mixed up and destinations on taxis misunderstood- you'll have a much better time if you accept this and laugh it off. Pick a fight and I'll guarantee that you'll regret it.

The Pattaya ‘ arsehole magnet' to the extant works on the farang population attracted to here too- not everybody is a scammer but some are. So if somebody of any race or sex wants to be your best buddy- don't be unfriendly or rude but don't be overly trusting either.

It is not a big deal if you get hit up for a few beers- taking a friend back to your hotel room you've just met on the beach is probably not wise. Ditto going to a party with the friendly ladyboys who you shared a baht bus with. If that's your preference Soi 6 is a safer stop.

Renting a friend from a bar is safer. Often really fun people and lots of guys take a friend to one of the islands. They'll know all the tourist spots and keep many of the hassles at bay. Koh Chang is truly lovely and about 5 hours away by taxi and ferry.

Drugs are freely available. Get caught with a bit of cannabis- marched to the ATM and your account drained. Anything else is super serious shit here- in theory you can get put in front of a firing squad. More likely you'll get a cell big enough for 4 people but with 45 people in it. And one of them will be your new boyfriend!

Drugs aside Pattaya is pretty much safer than London and much less threatening than Paris. However, avoid the beach after dark. Don't wander about in dark alleys. Common sense helps.

If you ride a motorbike at home- it's more dangerous here, that said it's OK. If you don't ride at home don't ride here. Photo whatever you rent- bike, car, jet ski. Date stamped. Point out any damage. Carry a copy of your PP with visa stamps. Use an international license or expect to pay fines ranging from 7 to 30 bucks when stopped almost daily.

That said public transport is cheap and pretty good- there's no need to drive. Nor is there any need to go far out of Pattaya- it's possible to spend two or 3 wks here and do something different every day.

Getting Around Pattaya

Once you know the various modes of transport and how they work, you will find it very cheap and easy to get around Pattaya, especially if you are staying in downtown Pattaya, Jomtien, or Naklua.

First of all, a little more about those areas:

Downtown Pattaya

is the area between Pattaya Beach Road (west) and Sukhumvit highway (east), South Pattaya Road (south), and North Pattaya Road (north).

Getting Around Pattaya by Baht Bus

At 10 baht per person, per ride (subject to change) for most routes, the only way to get around Pattaya cheaper is by walking. The baht bus (aka songthaew) is the most popular and convenient way of getting around downtown Pattaya, and to and from Jomtien and Naklua.

What is a Baht Bus?

The baht bus (so-called because back in the day it cost a baht) is a pickup-style truck with a canopy roof and 2 bench seats in the back for passengers. The photo below shows the dark blue colored baht bus which operates in downtown Pattaya, Jomtien, and Naklua.

Pattaya baht bus

The Dark Blue Baht Bus used for commuting around Pattaya.

How to use a Baht Bus in Pattaya

New Pattaya baht bus rules and regulations: According to legislation, Pattaya baht buses must operate on one of several given routes, and passengers must only embark and disembark at ‘stops’ assigned along the baht bus route. In reality, you will find most Pattaya baht bus drivers ignore these rules.

Hailing a baht bus: If a baht bus is going in your direction you may be able to hail it down. The polite, correct way is to beckon with an outstretched arm, with your palm facing down. It’s also common practice for an empty baht bus to beep its horn as it passes by, if you want it just wave it down and climb in the back.

Baht buses follow set routes, so if the baht bus does not continue in the direction, or along the road you want to travel, ring the buzzer, get off, pay the driver, then take another baht bus that’s going in your direction.

Exiting and paying: When you want the baht bus to stop, press one of the buzzers located above your head, or on the side at head level. Go to the passenger window and hand over the correct fee, don’t ask how much. Don’t worry, if you are not paying enough he will call you back.

Pattaya baht bus routes: There are several so-called baht bus routes in Pattaya. The golden rule is, regardless of the advertised/displayed route, never assume that that’s the route it will follow. If a baht bus deviates from your expected route, get off, pay, and wait for another.

The most popular baht bus routes in Pattaya:

The Beach Road and 2nd Road Loop:

On Pattaya Beach Road and 2nd Road all traffic follows an anti-clockwise one-way system. On Beach Road, the baht bus travels south, turns left before the entrance to Walking Street, and then takes the next left onto 2nd Road and heads north towards the Dolphin Roundabout. At the Dolphin Roundabout,

it turns left and continues south again on Beach Road.

Pattaya to Jomtien Beach: You can take the baht bus from the “baht bus stop” located on 2nd Road just a few meters south of the 2nd Road and South Pattaya Road junction.

Pattaya to Naklua:

Take the baht bus heading north along 2nd Road until it arrives at the Dolphin Roundabout, if it turns left to Beach Road or right to North Pattaya Road, get off and wait for the next baht bus heading to Naklua. Naklua Road is the road that passes the entrance to the Dusit Thani hotel.

Along South Pattaya Road baht buses travel in both directions between Sukhumvit highway and 2nd Road.

Along Central and North Pattaya roads baht buses travel in both directions between Sukhumvit highway and 2nd Road and Pattaya Beach Road.

On Soi Buakhao baht buses travel in both directions between South Pattaya Road and Central Pattaya Road.


The population of Pattaya is about 100 thousand people. Most of them are Buddhists (80%), 16% are Muslims, 2% are Christians, and 2% are adherents of other religions. In Pattaya, there are 13 Buddhist temples, 3 monasteries, and 7 mosques. There are also Orthodox churches — the Church of All Saints and the Shroud of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Things to do in Pattaya

See the city from a bird's eye view. The observation deck on Pratumnak Hill, the highest point in the city, is a great place to do this. From here, you can see picturesque panoramas, many of which are advertised in brochures. You can not only admire the beautiful views and take a thousand photos on the site but also relax. There are gazebos, benches, spyglasses, and picnic areas.

Visit the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. This is a real realm of extraordinary landscapes and plants. There are huge collections of cacti, orchids, and succulents. The park is divided into thematic areas, as well as zones for recreation. It is better to allocate a whole day to visit this place.

Have a party night on Walking Street. This is where the nightlife of the city is concentrated with relentless music and entertainment for all tastes. The street becomes a pedestrian hotspot in the evening as neon signs illuminate and promoters buzz the crowds.

Visit the Sanctuary of Truth. This stunning structure has been under construction for 32 years, guided by the philosophy of Buddhism and Hinduism. Every corner, image, or spire carries some kind of meaning. The building is completely made of wood and decorated with many figures and ornaments. The temple looks extraordinary.

Taste Pattaya. For example, you can find everything you want at the street food markets, from spicy tom yum soup to seafood and fried insects. The Thais themselves often eat at such places. When choosing where to eat, look for the places where most locals gather.

Meditate near the Golden Buddha mountain. This is the largest image of Buddha in the world. And it's not a statue; it's a 130-meter rock painting made in gold. The image was carved into the rock with a laser, and during the day, rock climbers polished the outline by hand and filled it with gold leaf. A Buddhist sanctuary and a small park with meditation pavilions are located at the foot of the mountain.

Feel like a gibbon in the Flight of the Gibbon park. It conducts a very exciting tour, which includes overcoming, under the supervision of an instructor, three three-kilometer zipline, more than twenty platforms, and two rappelling stations. In addition to breathtaking emotions and a small portion of adrenaline, you will experience beautiful nature and, perhaps, meet the animals.

Make friends with the monkeys on the uninhabited island of Koh Ped (often called Koh Lin). You can get there during a tour or on your own by renting a boat from the pier in Pattaya. Going to the island, do not forget to take treats for its inhabitants. Monkeys are not dangerous and have long been accustomed to the guests, but most importantly — keep a close eye on your belongings.